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Did You Hear the Scuttlebutt?

This week  we heard?



It sounds like "Clown Was" is going to challenge the "Riddler" in the next mayoral race.  The scuttlebutt on the street is, Clown Was is taking over the village just like he did the park district. 


It appears that Frank Soto may be making a move back to Bensenville? The  rumor mill is that he is literally changing building codes, to skate under from doing improvements on the home.  The rehabbed home on Pine St. maybe be getting ready to be moved in or is it?  What will the Riddler do without  the head job, feeling are hurt and emotions are mixed, lied to again? 


The airport noise has been rising and complaints have also risen.  Word on the street is that the Village of Bensenville doesn't care!

They take the complaints and just laugh at the people who make the complaints. 

Bensenville has sold out to Chicago and these people taking the complaints need to be fired, we don't need asses like this.


Trustee Riddler is taking over for the debunked Little Frankie Dodo.  A siting of Dodo has been seen  in Lockport, again.   We can get pictures but it's not worth the trouble.

He has been seen with a different women, was it Trustee Riddler?


That clown park district president Was, is filling the vacant spot of a trustee, which is replacing  the alleged indicted Frank Dodo? Who will fill Frank Dodo seat, we are told it's definitely not Trustee Henri Weasler, Clown Was said no way?

Dec. 2013

It appears that a local resident/board member is gearing up for the 2017 Mayoral Election?  Word on the street is that Mayor Soto may not fill the whole four year term in office, he maybe filling out another term of sorts?

It appears that our mystery candidate is working all angles to insure the win, backers from all around  Candy Land are contributing, to what or for what, I don't know?

I love it when a plan comes together, it is isn't it?


This is the new 2014 village sticker

Are ready to get your village sticker, they are now $200 each.

The board and village management are raping residents of taxes, the stickers should be free! 

Library News

coming soon

Mohawk Park / School Update


After 3 years of playing around with Mohawk School/Park, we are no closer to a resolution. The School and the Park District Clowns are still negotiating terms to make a deal? 

 Clown Was is handling the negotiations for the village and the park district on paper.  Instead of clown was sitting down face to face, board members to board members, his tactic is to low ball and insult everyone.  This will only go so far with the School District before they wise up to his little baby games and they will figure out that this is just a political game and then move on to selling or leasing the property. 

The School District's last meeting talked about the current offer and said the park district offered to maintain the property for ten years at, $1 a year and split the cost of tearing down the school with the school district. They said the  offer stated that, "It would be nothing more then an open field".  

District 2 president Patty Reyes was a no show again, making this the last 3 meeting she didn't attend, that I'm aware of?  It appears this will be her last year due to personal issues.  This explains the poor leadership at the schools and at the board meetings.

The April 16, park board meeting had a discussion about the Mohawk school property,  in a closed meeting. The meeting almost didn't happen due to the lack of board members and clown was showed up late again, this time it was another 30 minutes. 

A guest also mentioned that, clown was's 37th dirty little hole at the Whitey Pines was not completed, leaving the question;

Why did they have a grand opening, when it wasn't completed?


Public Works Director Fails Again



After repairing the broken water pipe 6 months ago and having the county lay down a new street, Bensenville public works repairs the same repair due to the lack of experience, lazyness, being cheap and poor management by  Public Works Department and Village Hall.

Look at the pipes, they are brand new and the recent repair was cut out and replaced again.

The elbow is not more than 6 months old, the other piece is old and about 5 feet in length.  We are paying millions of dollars to keep repairing the same repairs over and over.  This is not the first time this has happened, this has been going on all over town for the last 5 years. The lack of leadership is causing our water bills to sky rocket because of all the bad repairs advice from the water department and village hall administration.


Bum's taking over Bensenville


Resident takes picture and sends them in.

It's a bum living in front of MJ Food & Beer Store on Irving Park Rd. in Bensenville.  Resident called the Bensenville Police and twenty minutes later the cops came.  The resident wanted to go to the store and shop but didn't feel safe going in. 

All down Irving Park Rd. looks like a "GHETTO", in Bensenville.  The excuse for this, the village is waiting for the county to fix the roads first and this will be done in the next 2 years. 

Trustee Ridder and Jarecki's  take on it is,  we don't need to clean it up, it cost money, we don't care, we work for Chicago not Bensenville and we only care about O'Hare airport.

Because this is north of the tracks and trustee "Garbage Bob Jarecki" lives on this side of town, the real bum here is;


(Garbage Bob Jarecki gets the 2014  Bum of the Year award, Coming soon.)

Pecking Order


This art work was designed by a reader and they call it:

The Pecking Order 

They explained it: The ace of diamonds is Tom Manion from the Rory group. He is the $10,000,00 per month consultant who actually runs the village through Bond and Cassady and Ridder. Soto and the rest of the trustees are left out of the decision making process.

My take on this is:  We are spending an extra $1,000,000, that's one million dollars, every year with this Rory group. Each management position that is in place at the village, now has one of the Rory groups people as an assistant to each management position and are collecting huge a paychecks. 

How it works:

Mike Cassady collects $300,000 a year, his assistant from the Rory group collects $150,000 a year, Scott Viger collects $150,000 and his assistant from the Rory group collects $75,000 a year and so on down the line.

This administration is literally KILLING this town!

Fenton High School Lock Down


The facts are:

  • On the morning of April 15*, a spent bullet casing was found and turned into a staff member.
  • Also on the morning of April 15*, administrators received reports regarding a safety concern related to an inappropriate comment that turned out to be unfounded.

 *During this time, students were held in their classrooms in an extended second hour so a full investigation could be conducted. These two events were found to be unrelated and posed no threat to students or staff. In addition, no weapon was mentioned or found and no students were arrested.


Fenton High School had a lock down on April 15, 2014 at approximately 9:45 a.m., based on information provided to administration.  A couple stories are floating around:

1.  A student was being bullied and made a threat to blow up the school.

2. Bullet shells of a long high caliber were found in one of the classes.

Either situation is a threat but the bulling threat may have just been out of fear.  When kids bully students in school, these students are back up against the wall and have no other avenue but to fight back.  It forces these students to due things, they normally wouldn't.  If a student has no other way of getting out of a situation and is forced to say, "I'm going to kill everyone in the school and blow it up", this is not an abnormal reaction for someone fearing for their life.

It's clear either way that someone had concerns and told the administration,  but what is not clear, is the action taken.  In most cases the individual that made the threat, will be punished for a normal human instinct and reaction to the situation. On the other hand, the bullies will walk away as usual and have no recourse or punishment to the situation.

The last situation we heard from Fenton was, a two strike situation dealing with drugs and alcohol.  This individual was taken directly to the hospital for evaluation and was treated accordingly, but given another chance.

Every situation is different and the schools are dealing with the situations as needed.  The Bensenville Police Departments holds meetings on these situation and parents and kids should attend.


Go to the website below and read about the increased airport noise.  Trustee Bob Jarecki and Joellen Ridder say the noise is not louder and this is what you should have expected when you moved to Bensenville?

Business Gets the Run Around By the Village, Again!


County Line Road and Waveland

Bensenville, IL

Bensenville's Director of Community and Economic Development, Mark Rysavy keeps lying and blowing off business owners.

The Village of Bensenville gives business owner a hard time for coming into town and then after spending $250,000 in renovation, they wouldn't give him the OK on permitss for the work done.  They gave him a such a hard time, the owner started contacting the news and when the village heard  about it, they ran over and signed off on the work so he could open his business.

Allegedly, they gave the OK because it was an election year and Soto didn't want any problems with his re-election.  They also told the owner that they would fix the streets, the sewers and have the garbage in the area cleaned up.

After two years, the streets have not been fixed, sewers are still backed up and not draining and the garbage is not picked up. Business owners have been complaining about the lack parking problem and the village told them, "You moved in knowing of the parking issue and it's not our problem". 

One owner has some electrical wires and conduit that was install outside his property by the village of Bensenville and it looks like it's for some type of water  or pumping station / meter. Look at the pictures and see if this would pass any home inspection.

Bensenville is so poor it's using



So let's move on to the other issues, Garbage and debris also known as the "Bensenville's Ghetto Look".  Here are some pictures that the businesses complained about and nothing is being done .  One owner tried using a tarp to cover the garbage.


The above picture shows a drain going into what appears to be a blocked and covered up drain by the village and floods into the buildings.

 The above picture shows how they covered and blocked flooded water from  entering the back door and the renter is blocking the emergency exit door because of the village's lied about fixing the problem, this is Frank Soto's work or lack of.

What the above pictures are showing you, is an abandoned alley, no one can use it and no one takes care of it. There appears to be a sewer or a drain that is covered up and blocked or damaged?  Owner offered to extend the fences and pave the area back behind, so this area would be clean at all times but the village told them  , NO.

Let's move on to the Streets, and the parking.  The pictures below will show the street torn up and lack of or no parking in the area.  One area has a drainage issue, there is always standing water year round and they claim there is a blocked sewer and a busted water main that is draining into the sewer 10 feet from this area.

The above picture shows how the cars have to park over the curb in order to park cars in the area, there is all kinds of no parking signs down this 2 blocks, that's almost impossible to even stop and talk to business owners.  Street parking in the area needs to adjusted for the business owners, the sewers and the streets to be repaired and the village needs to do clean up, Just like the Bensenville's Director of Community and Economic Development, Mark Rysavy  and Frank Soto promised two years ago, just as they were gearing up for the last election.


My Coming soon!

Bensenville Helping Hands


Helping Hands and the Red Cross are holding an Emergency Training for Sheltering during emergency's.  They are going to show how you can help during such an emergency and if you can help out this would be good training for everyone to attend.

You have to sign up before April 11, 2014, so jump on board to learn how you can help the community.

If you want to join Helping Hands, fill out the application and attend the next meeting on Monday May 19, 2014, 6:30 pm

Re-Electing the Stupid, Again


Garbage BoB Jarecki wins the 2014

Dumbest Bensenville's Politician Award

(poster coming soon)

 Alledgedly Garbage Bob Jarecki sent out  emails about residents having issues with the Airport Noise and low flying planes.  In his letter to residents, he claims he lives right in the path of the plane noise and he is very satisfied with the level of noise over his home?

If you look on the Bensenville website under his Bio, he makes the statement,

"He continue to seek regional cooperation with the O'Hare expansion." 

This statement alone is telling residents that he is backing Chicago and O'Hare, along with Soto, and the ONCC trustee Riddler and they sold out Bensenville!

He states in his email, "Planes are taking off every two minutes, he claims he  lives closer than anyone else on the board for landings and take offs, he agreed they were continuous but he doesn't find them as aggravating as residents do because he is accustomed to the noise and he has a greater tolerance".

His last statement comes to no shock to how much of a dumbass he really is,

"This may sound cavalier but I pretty much expected this kind of activity with the airport expansion"

After getting an email from Garbage Bob Jarecki, allegedly Mike Cassady, Bensenville's village manager, sent out a damage control email.

From: "Michael Cassady" <>
, "Bob Jarecki" <>
Cc:, "All Trustees" <>, "Bob Jarecki" <>
Sent: Monday, April 7, 2014 9:42:59 AM
Subject: RE: Airport Noise

Thanks for the information. Please call to the ONCC so your concerns can be documented.  We are working collaboratively with other impacted communities, the City of Chicago, the ONCC and the FAA to attain quieter aircraft noise  and extend sound insulation boundaries.  We will keep you posted ,   Mike

 As you can see from the above map, Garbage Bob Jarecki doesn't live in the path, he is just so far up everyone's ass, he can't remember where he lives.  He writes his email like he is the grand master of plane noise and has erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own mental attributes and is at the infantile level of personality development.    

Mr. Cassady's letter is just as damaging as Garbage Bob Jarecki's email.  He make the bold statement,

" Please call the ONCC so your concerns can be documented."

Bensenville is no longer taking complaints nor did they ever, it's just a scam! What happened to Trustee Jo Bob Riddler, Head Chairman for the ONCC. Her BIO statement on the village website, states;

 She is a member of the O’Hare Noise and Compatibility Commission, "She serves the Residential Soundproofing Committee and is our advocate for completing the soundproofing as well as reducing the noise impacts on our community".

O'Hare Noise and Compatibility Commission (ONCC), never existed in Bensenville, it was a facade, they all sold Bensenville out for jobs! 

Here is the list of traders that should be tried for Treason 

 Frank Soto,  Jo ellen Ridder, Bob Jarecki,  Morris Bartlett, Susan Janowiak, Martin O'Connell III, Henry Wesseler.

Clown Was and his Dirty Little 37th Hole


Doomed From the Beginning

Stories are coming in that the Grand Re-Opening, Clown Was's second attempt to drawing people to the shot and a beer joint, "The 37th Hole", at the golf course failed miserably. Even the name he picked out, sucks!

No big wigs came out to play, just a bunch of free loader.  We were told that the real bar to go to, is where the current Bensenville politicians hang out and that's in Wood Dale.  A couple politicians have donated time and their own money to build the place.  It looks like no one wants to hang out with Clown Was and his half assed renovated white elephant at the Whitey's Pine Golf Course in Bensenville?

This is just another Clown Was epic failures and waste of tax dollars.

 Clown Was  has to go!


Bensenville an Equal Oppertunity Employer?


So you want to work for the Village of Bensenville and the Gateway of Opportunity?

Redmond Recreational Complex Hiring


20 hours per week working in the park

DUTY'S: Chalking fields, Repair grounds, Trash disposal, Operating sprinkler system, Light repair.

 Should have prior experience in landscaping or grounds crew field preparation.  A basic understanding of sports.  The ability to understand and speak English is a plus.  Must pass a standard drug test and background check.


20 hours per week including weekends

DUTY'S: Housekeeping, knowledge of chemical, cleaners, disinfectants, custodial equipment, buffers, shampoo machines, vacuum cleaners, bucket & wringer, etc.

Minimum 1-3 years experience in housekeeping great work ethic, adequate communication skills, speaks English and Spanish. No drug test or background check.

Here is the inconsistency of Gary Ferguson, Bensenville's Director of Human Resources, bookkeeper Tim Sloth and Village Manager Mike Cassady

1. No background or drug test for the custodial/house keeping position.  This is the position that is inside at night, on weekend, nobody around and with liquor and chemicals.   This is the position that money, beer, etc... were allegedly stolen from the Edge Ice Arena a month ago and a man was forced to retire because Gary Ferguson,Tim Sloth and Mike Cassady didn't do their jobs!

  2. English/Spanish: In one position, you must have the ability to understand and speak English, the other, you must speak English and Spanish.  So where is this equal employment opportunity? When is it, that race isn't a factor? 

Where is it, that one out in a open field all day needs a background and drug test and the other in an office, with money, chemical, liquor and data doesn't need a background and drug check?

This is the same problem this village has had since Soto and his C4 gang got into office, no progress, no corrective action, no consistency. Look at the new blue street signs, 10% installed 90% NOT INSTALLED, but there is an election coming up, maybe another 10%?

 These Idiots Haven't Done or Learned Anything! 

Low Flying Planes Breaks Residential Windows


Low Flying  Airplanes Break Newly Installed O'Hare Replacement Windows in Bensenville

Home owner sitting in their living room watching TV, hears window crack when a low flying plane goes by over their home.  The home owners called in the complaint to O'Hare Complaint Department and they refused to pay for the windows and the home owner is not sure they even recorded the complaint.

As a member of the O’Hare Noise and Compatibility Commission, Trustee JoEllen Ridder serves on the Residential Soundproofing Committee and Bensenville’s advocate for reducing the noise impacts in our community.

Where are you now Trustee Ridder?  Are You Back from Your Mexico Vacation on the Tax Payer?

After making the complaint to O'Hare and the village of Bensenville they refused to pay for the window and the home owners had to spend $225 of their own money to do the repairs.

Here is the best part!

The professional glass company that came out to replace the window said, "These windows are not sound proofed windows"!

So, all the windows replaced in all these towns, none of these windows are sound proofed?  The resident never had a window brake from the air plane noise until Bensenville Trustee Ridder, Leader of the O’Hare Noise and Compatibility Commission in Bensenville, changed the windows out.

So this whole sound proofing project with Chicago and O'Hare is nothing but a scam? 

I changed my windows before the sound proofing came around, some items on the wall would shake or rattle still after the change out.  Now the with the new runways, the shaking and rattling is back to where is was before I changed the windows.  The air traffic is heavier,  the frequency of planes is more and the hours of the flights is 5:30 am to 11:00 pm.

Another One Bites the Dust - FORCLOSED ON


Bensenville’s Neighborhood Un- Stabilization Program

The Bensenville Neighborhood Stabilization Program works by making homes affordable, making neighborhoods stable and offering Home Retention Assistance.

Home Retention Assistance:  Offers help to avoid foreclosure and give you the best available foreclosure options to save your home or postpone your sale date, run by the Village of Bensenville and Bensenville Park District president John Wassinger.

Here is another foreclosure on  4-1-13 at 912 W. Hillside Dr., where the DuPage County Sheriffs came by and threw the residents out, along with their life long personal belongings.   I’m guessing John Wassinger’s Home Retention Assistance Program, that he set up for the village and cost tax payers $15,000 didn’t work?

John Wassinger is the Program Coordinator of the Bensenville’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program. 

He is also the Park District President, Runs White Pines Golf Course, White Pines Banquets, the 39th Hole, he is Head Fire Department Chief for two fire stations in town, runs a website, runs a real estate office and runs the Village of Bensenville all by himself because everyone else is an idiot.

Back in February, we contact the Village of Bensenville about complaints of John Wassinger's  not returning phones calls. The village told us that the number was John Wassinger personal number.  His phone number never went through the Village so they couldn't keep records of the calls, so there is no  trail to him in the system, there is absolutely no system at all!  I believe we paid him $15,000 for his services to set this up and do nothing?

Just Another Shitty By Product of Elected Park District President John Wassinger.

When is everyone in this town going to wake up!

O'Hare Noise

 April 4, 2014

Airport Noise Back in the Saddle Again

Trustee Riddler, Head of O'Hare Noise, FAILED!

The Noise is Still There but Only Worse! 

As a member of the O’Hare Noise and Compatibility Commission, Trustee JoEllen Ridder serves on the Residential Soundproofing Committee and Bensenville’s advocate for reducing the noise impacts in our community.  This must have just gone on death ears or she found out its better, not to fight for the residents and give in to Chicago, for better political and personal gains? The noise level is actually worse now, then it was before the O'Hare expansion. Trustee Ridder you did a bang up job with the noise from O’Hare, you can now join one of the other 20 committees that your on and do nothing there too.   

The complaints are higher, per Assistant Village Manager, Dan Di Santo. He was quoted as saying, “That the noise and complaints are higher since the new runways were opened and the complaints that are being called into the O'Hare complaint department are not all being recorded and filed”. 

Some neighbors have called in close to a 100 complaints in a month and they recorded them each time they filed the complaint. We have talked to a number of neighbors and got the same type of results.  The monthly complaint reports filed by O’Hare Commission were far less, then then number the residents called in.  The times and dates were logged in and are still being logged to this day, one resident went as far as making charts and graphs. 

When someone like Trustee Riddler, sells their soul in the political arena, they sell the community out, it's like, hooray for me and the hell with you.  It's about me and what am I going to get for all my hard work, you residents owe me. 

So, why is Trustee Ridder not doing her job helping with the noise complaints, why is she crawling under a rock and looking the other way? Trustee Ridder wants to be the next mayor of Bensenville, is this what leaders do?  Maybe instead of handing out candy to the nice elderly residents at the retirement homes, during election time, she could actually do her job for once?   

What is Trustee Ridder’s Compatibility Commission?  

Compatibility:  Capable of performing in harmonious, agreeable combination with another. 

Commission: a duty or task committed to a person or group to perform, a form of payment to an agent for services rendered. 

Trustee Ridder’s Compatibility Commission is defined as: A one sided group of people not performing or agreeing, doing no task to perform a service and getting payment for non-rendering of  services.

Leaving residents with no where to go? Taking advantage of the elderly? Not doing the job you signed up for? Turning your back on the residents? Wanting, expecting  and demanding handouts?  These are the signs of how corruption starts or it's just a dead beat politician! 

Mohawk School Debacle

April 3, 2014

Mohawk School Debacle


Special Meeting

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 – 6:30 p.m.

210 S. Church Road, Bensenville, Illinois



IV. Building A.

B. Mohawk Site Update (nothing, it goes to closed session) 

VII. Community Relations 

A. NSBA Conference Report (who went, where was it and at what cost?) 

B. Teacher Survey 2014 (what are the results?) 

E. Board Retreat (who is going, where is it and at what cost to tax payer?) 

X. Closed Session 

B. The setting of a price for sale or lease of property owned by the District. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(6).  (won't know, top secret)

Let's start looking more into the District 2 finances and costs for the little free get away!

Let's see what District 2 School Board President Patti Reyes is doing or not doing?

Website News


Sorry for the inconvenience of the website disruption, we had some back ground programming updates.  As time goes on, programs will need updating and we will have some glitches along the way, as usual.  

We also had a email threat to our website and a report was filed with the Bensenville Police Department.  Fortunately it was just a minor issue and we where expecting trouble from the beginning and like any good publication, we are going to upset some of those crooked politicians.

With that said, the elections are starting to rev up into first gear and the news will be a high point for the next year, April 7, 2015 is the next election.

The Website is a year old and has almost 21,000 hits to date.

Theft at Village Hall, AGAIN!

April 2, 2014


Court Date was changed to 4-16-14 

February 4, 2014

Here is a case of Theft at village Hall, the alleged amount is $50,000, next court date is 3/12/2014.  The alleged employee worked at the front desk at Village Hall, right under the nose of Village Manger Mike Cassady and Director of Finance Tim Sloth.

This is the second time this has happened under the watch of  Village Manger Mike Cassady and Director of Finance Tim Sloth and neither one got fired or were asked to retire like Gary Thorson the Edge Ice Arena Director?

Bensenville Lampoon Mexico Vacation




If for some reason you thought Frank Soto, Jo ellen and Fire Chief Bob Ridder and Mike Cassady are representing Bensenville, your greatly mistaken, look at the brochures on the tables that Soto handed out, they sold out Bensenville to Chicago.  These are the clowns we have in office?

 If you wanted to see Frank Soto go to Lock Port or Mexico, don't go to Bensenville.  If Chicago is so great Mr. Soto, why are you not living there, your not that great, are you?


Soto, Cassady and the Ridder's

to the Curb!

Wake Up Bensenville

As the village Idiots waste our tax dollars on a trip to Mexico, acting Mayor Mc Cheese Weasler runs around town to makes sure everyone in Bensenville, Wood Dale and Elmhurst knows he is king for a day. 

He is stating, he is the mayor and you better get use to it.  I wonder what the stand in mayor Riddler would think about Mayor Mc Cheese Weasler taking over instead of her.  I could only imagine the cat fight between the Mc Mayor cheese heads.

Mohawk School/Park and the 2015 Election Fiasco



It appears that everyone is being lied to again by the Bensenville District 2 School Board and Staff.  Jimbo the Clown Stelter reported that the 
park district does not have the funding to purchase the school for the district’s asking price of $1 
million, despite receiving a $500,000 grant. The village had to the use TIF monies to bail out the Park District Clown Was for a cool $250,000 because he didn't have the monies to complete the water park, oops not again, the master puppeteer?

Clown Jimbo went on to explained a proposed IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement) that would allow the park district to build soccer fields at the Mohawk School site and maintain them if the School district rented the land for a nominal cost of $1 per year. (Another Clown Was negotiation, gone wrong.)

The School District would maintain the ownership and could decide on future development or sale after the agreement expires, which could be 10 or 20 years or after the 2015 election. Demolition of Mohawk school is at the cost of about $250,000 and Park District Clown Was suggested the cost be split between the village, park district and school district.  The park district went another $500,00 in debt in 2013, where would they get the monies, oops Clown Was is doing it again, taking all the TIF monies and being a pig about it, all for me none for anyone else? Bensenville Elementary School District / Committee of the Whole Board of Education Meeting Minutes – February 5, 2014 4.3.1 Identify and implement disposition options for Mohawk School. 

The Village would need to build a storm water retention pond on the property for future use and would need to force a sale or steal  surrounding property in order to make it look like the park is being built, for the 2015 election.

As stated in an earlier post, the deception is coming from each of the three entities, each playing a head game in order to find out which clown is going to be the, "Ring Master at the Circus".

 The school district wants the property gone and they were counting on the monies, mayor Dodo and Clown Was need this to happen only because of the next up coming election, no other reason.

I knew this was going to be an issue from the get go, three to five big fat clown heads in a room, each trying to control the other and each claiming to be the smartest person in the room.  Each having their own agenda in hand but nothing in hand for the residents. 


If Clown Was gets control Mr. Cassady is gone!

Park District Meeting


Park District Meeting

Went to the March 19, park board meeting and as usual, Park President Clown Was was late.  The meeting went fine until Clown Was acted like an idiot, again.  He turned the meeting into a circus by making board members and residents watch videos that had nothing to do with anything related to the park district.

He showed a video on training flea's, and a naked guy jumping around.  He tried to use these videos to motivate board members to be more like circus clowns? This was, again, unprofessional and board members were laughing at him, not with him.  You could see the disgusted looks on their faces. What a true leader Clown Wassinger is?

White Pines Banquet Debacle


White Pines Banquet Debacle

After going to a business meeting at the White Pines Golf Course, I was a little taken back on what happened at this local business gathering. 

I was running late from a prior meeting and found myself standing in line trying to hang my coat up.  I was the third person in line and it took every bit of 5 minutes to hang it up, the coat room was way to small and not enough room for the coats.

The room was buzzing with local business owners and everything looked normal up front.  I made my way to the bar and got a glass of water and headed for the food table.  One table of food was separated half way across the room from the other table.  One was a vegetarian table with just vegetables and a sauce and the other was meatballs, beef and chicken on a stick, I think?  I’m not sure why they were separated and the food was the caliper of a cheap Chicago hot dog stand. 

As I was trying to eat this subpar finger food, I was approached by Laura Wassinger Banquet Manager /School Board Member.  In the 10 minutes of listening to her, she was mostly worried about her family and her job.  On a later part of the conversation, she mentioned that she and John (president of the park district) Wassinger were trying to find a Job at the Park District for the recent retired Gary Thorson and were sorry for his job loss.  The Wassinger’s are very good friends of Mr. Thorson and shouldn’t have a problem finding him a job there soon, you should help your good friends in time of need.

As the conversation was going on, the staff was repeatedly trying to take my plate of food and my glass of water.  The water was ¾ full and the same with my plate, Laura Wassinger had to keep apologizing for the staff.  After the busboy put the plate and glass in his hands with other dirty dishes, I wasn’t hungry anymore.  Laura Wassinger apologized again and mentioned that the food should have been all in the same area, instead of separated like it was. 

Getting paid $50,000 a year with benefits and doing this job for 5 or 6 years, one would think that this job would be a cake walk at this point?

The head speakers were about to talk and since I had nothing to drink and the bar was closed, I headed to the table with the sparkling bubbled wine/ champagne?  As I approached the table, I noticed John Wassinger lurking in the door way and a larger shadowed figure pressed tightly up against the wall.  I approached him, shook his hand and tried to move on, but he was trying to pull me into the dark dingy entrance of the foyer.

I wanted to hear the speakers and then leave because I had a 7:00 appointment, so I didn’t have time to chat.  As I walked away, I noticed Trustee Ridder pressed up against the wall with a look of shock, like she didn’t want to be seen.  I’m not sure if these two were kissing or plotting to take over the world, it was just sending an icky and weird vibe.

When I was leaving to pick up my coat, there was a gentleman in the coat room, he couldn’t find his coat, the lighting was dim and it took him every bit of 5 minutes to find it, as 7 people/Business Owners patiently waited.

If your going to the Banquet Hall at White Pines, I suggest not to wear a coat and if you do, get there early and bring a flash light.  You may also want to make sure you eat before you go?

God Help Us All,

The Election Can't Come Soon Enough!

Election News


The Elections are Coming!

Congratulations To Primary Winners:

Kathleen Willis [D] winning  with 77% of the Vote 

Bruce Rauner [R] winning with 40% of the Vote

 Are you tired of the same old over priced Bensenville property tax's, the $120 million dollar debt, the lies that the current corrupt politicians are telling you?  It's time to wake the "Sleeping Giant" and change this town for the better.

Last week I was asked again if I was running for office and if other people were running to better the village, they said they had enough of the bullshit and the lies.  

Running for office takes a lot of time and personal time away from the family.  It's something that you need to sink your teeth into, not get elected and walk away like most of the current board members in this village have done.

There are people out there that want a better Bensenville, some will help and others will just sit on the side lines and not get involved.  If we are to become a better Bensenville, then we all need to get up and do the work.

The current administration in the village, school and the park district boards need  a lot of help.  If your interested in running  we maybe able to get you in contact with the right people.  Whether running for a seat or just willing to help out, we maybe able point you in the right direction, if and when that time comes, this website was set up for the people.

Don't Be Afraid to Run for Office

The Corruption Needs To Stop!

Library News


Library News

Let's start off with the 3-17-13, board meeting, everything went well, it was a good meeting with no bumps in the road. 

Some members went out and critiqued other library's in the area and   talked about what they liked and disliked.  They were looking for new  ideas on how to improvements our Library and make it a more friendly and attractive for all ages.   The new  outside sign doesn't seem to be a problems to residents and looks good lit up at night, not to bright , just right. 

I did have an opportunity to attend two computer classes and they turned out to be very good.  Erin was the one who taught the class's and was very knowledgeable on the subjects, I highly recommend going to the computer classes and if you need help, it's there.  The cost was right, $5 down and returned when you attend the class, it's better than attending a village board meeting. 

Here are some up coming classes and events: The Home Brewing Class, Art Show and Empty Bowl Night. (see below)  I've been in town for twenty years and I don't think I ever missed the Art Show events, It's our recommendation that you attend.

Student Art Show

March 24 through April 17 

The Bensenville Arts Council Annual Student Art Show showcases the works of Bensenville students. This year’s selections will be on display at the Library from March 24 through April 17. A reception and awards ceremony will be held at the library on Sunday, April 13 from 1 - 3 p.m. for grades K-5. The reception for grades 6-12 will be held on Thursday, April 10 at 7 p.m. 

Empty Bowls

Thursday, April 10, 5 - 6:30 p.m. 

The Bensenville Arts Council and the library are sponsoring the 8th Annual Empty Bowls Event to benefit the Bensenville/Wood Dale Food Pantry. The community is invited to donate handcrafted or unique bowls and attend the Empty Bowls Soup Supper from 5 - 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 10 at the library. There you may select a bowl and enjoy homemade soups donated by Robert Morris Culinary students and local restaurants. For more information,  contact Jill Rodriguez at the library. 630-766-4642 

Home Brew

Thinking about home brewing?

Saturday, April 26 @ 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. 

Thinking about home brewing but don’t know how to get started? Come join us at the library as experienced homebrewers Chris Jones and Keith McNaught share their knowledge on homebrewing! They will walk through the steps for homebrewing, introduce the ingredients, demonstrate the equipment, and show tips and techniques for brewing your first batch.

Space is limited—reservations plus a five dollar ($5.00) deposit is required. Must be 21 and over. Must register in person at the reference desk. 

The Ghetto Keepers

xxx Rated

Please don't let your children watch this slide show

Coming soon

Garbage Bob Jarecki / UPDATE


Garbage Bob Jarecki allow his neighbors, just 4 houses north of him to leave garbage out in front of his home for over 6 months.  Garbage Bob Jarecki wants to be a good Trustee and not create any waves, the elections are coming up and he wants to get re-elected to do nothing but cook breakfast for Clown Was, his  really really close friend?  He sure has a gay ole smile on his face and seems to be happy as a clam in the picture above.

Is this the Gateway of Opportunity that Garbage Bob Jarecki is talking about, leaving garbage in the streets for over 6 months and looking the other way, with hopes of getting re-elected?

His other beliefs?  The streets on the north side of Irving Park Rd. shouldn't be  salted and plowed less. Apparently the residents north of Irving Park rd. are not good enough to get real services?  We can pay our over priced tax's but no services, kick this "Ghetto Keeper" to the curb next election.

Mohawk School Sewer Discharge


After going to the school district and complaining and the cops showing up, the school district sent out a letter of apology for the water waste discharge.

They recanted the story that the village gave them the OK to dump in the private pond next to them.

In other news at the school district meeting, superintendent Jimbo of district 2 pretended that he knew nothing about the defunked play set, still at the school.  Maybe everyone in the room believed him but I didn't.  Here is a guy, if he opens his mouth, there is nothing but bullshit that comes out! 

His claims are, the park district is responsible for the play set and he was  not aware of the condition.  This is a lie, he is the superintendent and he is aware of the situation and  he is neglecting to do his job and should be fired immediately for being a moron, again.

The Ghetto Keepers are Bedding down with Chicago

Gateway to Oppertunity

This is the gateway of opportunity, boarded up buildings, vacant land, abandon trucks and piled up garbage?  Why is the village leaving the city look like a Chicago ghetto?  Is this a way of letting the property go, force the seller to sell the property at a low price, swoop in and steal the property for no money and then re-sell the property for a quick gain back to  the village?  If you don't think this is happening, think again!

Mohawk School / Park Slow Death

March 8, 2014

The Slow Death of Mohawk Park  


Park District President John Wassinger, Mayor Soto, Trustee Ridder  and their C4 Gang Failed Campaign Promises

After going to the school board meeting on March 5, 2014, it appears that the park district John Wassinger, Mayor Frank Soto, Trustee Ridder  and their whole campaign was nothing but a ruse of deception. 

After gathering residents in a false setting of a future site of a park, Park President John Wassinger, Trustee Ridder and Mayor Frank Soto scam residents into voting for them, only to be let down , again.

It appears that the John Wassinger never had the expertise or the funding he led residents to believe.  In 2013, White pines Golf Course was budgeted for a $2.5 million lose.  In 2013, the Park District Leisure  Center lost $500,000 and the village had to give them a $250,000 TIF advance to finish the splash pad, which could have been used for other things.

For those who are not paying attention, the Park District has been losing about $1.5 million year on an average for the last 10 years and Park President Wassinger has been involved the whole time?  The residents of Bensenville have put up with this abuse for some time.

White Pines Golf Course is a money pit, they just put $60,000 into renovating the bar and it's budgeted for another couple million dollar lose in 2014?

Is there anyone awake in this Town?  

2013 Wrapped Up in A Nutshell