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Misson Statement



We've come to conclusion that this is a much needed site and may not be for everyone and if that is the case, stay off the site if you don't like the truth.

The site is to inform residents about what is going on in town.  If your offended in anyway, stay off the site.  

If your under the age of 18, get off the site,  we don't want you looking into the bad things your  parents are getting into, like  the elected park district official who went to court for stalking a resident, what a creeper. 

We are looking for transparency  and an open outlook on the  transaction of our town. The site  forum/blog will be back soon.

 Thanks for all your past and future support!

Below are two ways of contacting us, by mail or  email, which ever one you want to correspond with.  If you have any comments, information or complaints, please let us know and we will look into as soon as possible.   This site is not monitored every day, so please be patient for a response, it may take weeks or a month?                                                   


Mailing Address: 

Big Adventures

P.O.Box 441

Bensenville, IL 60106

Feel free to send information and photo's.